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Wha's Laird

By George S. Carruthers


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The question of who is Laird and heir to the Walker Estate has been a sore point with the Walker twins, Cudgie and Jock, ever since they were boys. Their respective wives, Grizel and Leezie, also take the matter very seriously and get themselves involved in many an exciting argument. Leezie, however, after about 30 years of argument, decides that the proper thing to do is seek legal advice. She engages a crafty lawyer called Dodds to investigate the birth of Cudgie and Jock. Meanwhile, Shug, an employee of Cudgie's, is busy stealing the Walker Crest from Jock. The Walker Crest is a family heirloom and whoever has it hung in his house is acknowledged as Laird and entitled to collect rent money from the tenants. The arrival of Lawyer Dodds, armed with the result of his findings, creates new diversions. On the strength of his knowledge he extorts money from Jock and Cudgie. He also produces Daisy, whom he describes as a key witness to the case. The characters are varied and well contrasted in this entertaining comedy, which bubbles with life and laughter, and the plot holds its interest until the final curtain.