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There Was an Old Woman

By Evelyn Hood


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There was an Old Woman is a lively family pantomime filled with audience participation. It can be performed by all-women groups as well as mixed drama clubs, and is fun to perform as well as fun to watch. THE STORY-LINE: -- Agnes and Casey, who live in Boot Buildings, lead the residents in the battle against Winifred Crumble, (W.C.) the wicked Housing Person. Winifred, a witch in disguise, kidnaps the Princess. In their attempt to rescue the Princess, Agnes and Casey, accompanied by Rover the dog, Jeanie from the Bottle, and others, venture into such dread places as the Back of Beyond and the North Pole. They have to fight off The Bug, ghosts and a dragon before tracking down Winifred and her captive. The pantomime has a cast-list of approximately twenty-five, ranging from principal characters to chorus and small walk-on parts. It is designed so that some cast members can each take on two or three of the smaller rolls if necessary.