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The Masterfu' Wife

By Agnes Adam


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Mrs. Ramsay has a sharp tongue and tries to run everybody's affairs. There is nothing she does not know or cannot do. She has a finger in every pie and boasts that no one has ever been able to point the finger of scorn at her. In the end, to the delight of her husband and family, she is humbled by the advent of Glaiket Geordie. This is hilarious comedy and provides good character studies. This play won first place for Scotland in the S.C.D.A. Final in 1953, thus gaining the Daily Record Trophy. It also gained the MacKemmie Trophy for the best Scottish play representing Scottish Life and Character. In the B.D.L. Final in London, it took first place and won the Howard de Walden Trophy and in the S.W.R.I. Final in 1954, it took first place and won the Anstruther Gray Cup.