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The Incomer

By Ella S. Boswell & Donald M. Paton


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Much excitement is created at Craigmora by the arrival of Miss Gordon's half Austrian niece. Already there is rivalry between her faithful old housekeeper and her equally faithful, but much more attractive butler, each devoted to their mistress and determined to get rid of the other. Now the feud becomes open war, the whole family and household taking sides, one party believing the niece to be a Communist spy -- the other, including Miss Gordon, accept her as a true Gordon. Mysterious flashes from a window of the house followed by a foreigner go far to suggest that the incomer is guilty, triumph of the housekeeper -- but the butler, with the constable's help, has a disagreeable surprise for her. Mixed up in the fight, yet with private lives of their own, the other characters make up the comedy of country life.