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The House of Shaddows

By Agnes Adam


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This is a Grand Guignol play. It tells of a family of two brothers, Henry and Edward, and three sisters. Edward has just died of gastric trouble -- diagnosed by Henry who is a famous doctor. Henry is a worker and a plodder, Edward is a parasite -- enjoying some of the fruits of Henry's hard work. The brothers had quarrelled -- Henry telling Edward that he had no right in the family home and Edward retorting that he had a right and would stay in it till he died -- and after that too if he liked. After his death, this threat seemed to be carried out, for a strange shadow appeared on the wall of the sitting room -- the shadow of Edward. But there are other shadows ? the shadow of murder in the minds of the sisters. Did Henry poison Edward? Was Henry a maniac? Edward was their favourite brother -- he had a special chair -- his birthdays were always remembered. But Henry, the worker, never had a birthday or birthday gifts from his sisters. This play provides strong acting parts and the suspense is worked up to the final tragic end.