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The Gossip

By Helen And Bob Orr


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Mrs Porter, the Gossip, is a traditionalist who resists change. Mrs Knight is determined to modernise the village so they are in constant conflict. Caught in the crossfire are Victoria, Mrs Porter's assistant and Mary, the Vicar's housekeeper. Famous singer Kelly Star has moved to the area. Mrs Porter and Mrs Knight are determined the modern, rich newcomer will be kept in her place. Kelly's only friend is Rena Rook, an oddball character who scrapes a living from her smallholding. When the church is damaged by fire Kelly's offer

of a Pop Concert starts a hilarious power struggle. The set could be anywhere and although the play has no strong message it touches on the modern issues of unemployment, equal rights and conservation. There is a twist in the ending and the play will always amuse and often delight the audience.