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The Flesh and the Devil

By George Waddell


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Groset, a young tinker girl, has been rescued by Neil Yester when her father attacked her and murdered her mother and brother. Neil has recently broken off relations with Tansy Fulton whose mother, Mirren, claims that Groset must have used witchcraft to steal his affections from her daughter. When Mirren, who has been ill, has a seizure and dies, Tansy blames Groset for her death and stirs up others to confront Groset and deal with her as a witch. In desperation, Groset tries to kill herself, but in the act is prevented by Tansy who, although claiming that she is not "the forgie'in' kind'', has realised that Groset was just "a puir tormentit sowl'' -- like herself. Set in the Lowlands of Scotland in the early eighteenth century, this play grips throughout, having plenty of action, many character parts of the kind Scots actors and actresses do so well, and being written in language both pithy and poetic.