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The Europeans

By Helen And Bob Orr


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In an attempt to win an EC grant a British and a French town embark on a twinning exercise. Both go into the venture prejudiced against the other and the two ocials appointed to assist have their own reasons for manipulating the process. Language difficulties, racism and plain misunderstanding lead to confusion until the towns finally realise that co-operation can protect them from bureaucracy. The play is designed for five players -- three townspeople who play double parts as French and British committee members and two officials appointed by the authorities. It can of course use eight actors each playing a single part. The final scene calls for some very fast changes of costume and character best achieved by one costume being worn on top of the other. If "oubling'' is chosen, Charlotte must also be Caron, Rita doubles with Bovais and Lindsay with Loriot. A full character list is attached. The set is simple -- a central space with a table acting as the committee room for both French and British committees with two, preferably raised, areas at each side to represent "offices'' for the officials. The two committee rooms can be distinguished by a picture of their Prime Minister or the flag of their country hanging on the wall. This could be raised and lowered as required.