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Tatties and Herring

By Edwin Dougall


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The kitchen of a croft house in the North West Highlands is the scene of this farce. Geordie Macpherson, a crofter, the roguish central figure, is never happier than when he is poaching - despite the combined "laying-off'' of his wife and mother-in-law. His latest ploy, shooting a deer in conjunction with his friend Cathel (when unknown to them Lady Strathdonald (the landowner) and party were also out on the hill) looks as if it will land them both in serious trouble. The well-meaning, but ill-timed exuberance of American tourists, Elmer and Marilyn Bergermeister, adds to his worries. However, Geordie is never one to give in easily and when the appetising smell of tatties and herring cooking on the stove is appreciated by an aristocratic nostril, his quicksilver mind is able to turn it to his own advantage. But he doesn't bargain for the price of being so much in demand - asked to take part in another cheeky ploy, this time within the full, astonished hearing of Lady Strathdonald and party.