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Sunshine Susie

By Agnes Adam


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Sarah, unmarried and aggressive, has been keeping house for, and nursing her younger sister, Martha -- a bed-ridden invalid for five years. Sarah feels she must have a holiday, so sends for her young niece, Susie, who comes and takes over the management of the house and her invalid aunt. Susie's bright sunny nature works a miraculous cure in her Aunt Martha, who is really not such an invalid as was supposed. Susie's sunshine brightens the lives of all around her -- Emily, the young girl who feels up against everything because she wishes her husband to be of her own choice and not that of her parents -- Jemima, the old maid who has never had a chance to be young -- and Katie, who is at the end of her tether, living with an exacting and half-crazy old mother-in-law -- to say nothing of Susie's unseen admirer, Donald. However, Susie's sunshine and self-sacrifice reap a rich reward. A play with a great variety of good acting parts and plenty of sunshine and laughter.