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Snow White

By Nancy McPherson


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Published date:
1st edition 2014 and this second edition is April 2022

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Scottish Play: No. 85

In the Kingdom of Glenboak, we find Princess Snow White is being badly treated by her jealous stepmother, Queen Verruca.  The hapless King Pimpleheid is powerless to stop the Queen's wicked plans which she hatches with the aid of Winklepicker, the Wizard.

Clarty Carbuncle, the Palace housekeeper and her gormless twins, Wattie and Tattie Carbuncle, provide much of the humour along with the Palace jester, Mincy McSporran and the kitchen maid, Tumshie McTavish.

Prince Braveheart of Glencool wants to marry Snow White but is distraught when she runs off into the forest to escape from Queen Verruca.  For a while, Snow White is protected by the intervention of Fairy Flip-Flop, who guides her to a cottage in the wood where the 'Tartan Army' Gnomes look after her.  However, the Queen has one last attempt to get rid of Snow White and she appears to have succeeded, much to the chagrin of the Gnomes.

All ends well with the arrival of the Prince and his search party.  Senga the Sook, the Queen's grovelling maid, and Growl the dog are instrumental in bringing about a happy ending!