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Slipping the Leash

By Kevin Welch


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Robin Robinson is a young man living with his overpowering mother. Trent Palmer is his self obsessed best friend. One night at an office party, Robin is seduced by his and Trent's boss, the attractive yet seemingly career minded Fiona Anderson; who, unknown to Robin, is the subject of Trent's true affections. As the next day arrives, and Robin returns home worse for wear, there is a lot of music to be faced. Mrs Robinson wants to know where her son has been all night. Anderson turns up dressed to kill and hungry for a second helping. Trent turns up, and amongst other things is accused of being a transvestite, and why is Julie the office clerk so pleased to see him when he has always made it so obvious that he can't stand her? As Robin's world looks as if it is caving in around him, he manages to tactfully avoid the pointing fingers and slip the leashes of the people demanding awkward answers. In the end, our hero comes out on top and lives to fight another day. The play contains a rich mix of comedy and farce, tears and emotions, making it a real rollercoaster of a ride for cast and audience alike. The play could be set anywhere in nineties Britain. It is performed to drapes rather than with a set. This makes things easier for the scene changes, and makes it more practical when performing more than one play in a production.