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Paddy Muldoon's Ghost

By Agnes Adam


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Paddy - a Muldoon - and his wife, Norah - a Cassidy - are constantly quarrelling. The mothers of the couple also have quarrels - sometimes verbal, sometimes with fists - but always in a friendly spirit (?). After an unusually violent quarrel, Paddy reaches the end of his tether and goes off and leaves Norah. Nothing is heard of him for a month, then a decomposed body is found in the bog and identified as Paddy. He is given a grand wake and an elegant funeral and later Norah marries Barney Rafferty. On the wedding night, after the guests have departed and the newly wedded couple have gone to bed, the peace is shattered by a violent knocking at the door. It is Paddy, in the flesh, but Norah thinks it is his ghost. One long laugh. A worthy successor to the author's successful Irish comedy, A Bit of Land.