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Love on Parole

By Audrey Evans


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The year is 1813. There is great excitement in the little Fife town of Cupar, when a number of French Officers, prisoners of war, on parole, are billeted on the town. One of the officers an ex-actor, Etienne Marsand, has a daring idea ? to put on a play in the town's tiny theatre. A group of Cupar citizens are swept along in the excitement. Young Kitty MacQueen falls in love with Etienne. Her faithful sweetheart, Alec, has to play the comic in the play, much to his dismay. Miss Agnes Dow is in a terrible huff, because her sister Phemie was given a part and she wasn't. Miss Sarah Heggie, who has loved Angus Duncan for years, suddenly finds herself playing opposite him, with romantic possibilities. In addition there is a mysterious visitor, Donald Bell, in the town. Could he have anything to do with a gang of crooks who smuggle French parole officers out of the country? The fun is fast and furious, but alas, the Army authorities decide that Cupar folks have been too friendly with the country's enemies. The French gentlemen are whisked away. Kitty is left longing for Etienne. Will he return? As she says, " They were only here the length o' the Spring. But oh, we've changed. Our lives will never be the same again''.