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Life Begins

By Norman Donaldson


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Margery Randsome, attractive war widow with two grown-up children and a " Dragonish'' mother-in-law, meets an American widower, Charlie Hurryman, through a next-door neighbour, May Alexander. Charlie takes Margery to a dance and they win a competition, the prize being a Christmas Cruise to Bermuda. The family are shocked at the ensuing publicity and of course their mother's romance at `her stage of life', and do everything in their power to break it up. The greater their efforts to do this the better Margery and Charlie seem to get on together until one day the happy pair announce their intention to get married. Grandma Randsome in the meantime has not been idle and on top of their announcement makes one of her own, in the subject of Charlie's past which comes as a shock to all concerned, and brings about the complete collapse of Margery's romance. On the Christmas Eve of the now cancelled Bermudan cruise there is an unexpected development involving Charlie's daughter, Helen, hitherto unknown to the Randsome family, as a result of which Charlie's reputation is cleared. The family realise they have been unreasonable and give the couple their blessing. Charlie whisks Margery away to catch the cruise ship scheduled to leave in a few hours and all ends happily with Helen now accepted by the Randsome family as one of them. The play, mainly a comedy, has a good quota of romance and some strong dramatic scenes. The parts are all good acting parts, and the set is simple and unchanged throughout the play.