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Home Affairs

By Pat Trevor


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Lord and Lady Bushley, who live in a country mansion well above their means, think they have found the solution to their impending financial disaster with the arrival of a Mr. Lamb, a Member of Parliament who they believe is visiting them with an offer of a key position in Parliament for Lord Bushley. Unknown to them, Mr. Lamb, thinking he has found a simple-minded, wealthy backer for a hair-brained scheme, he wants to finance, is out to dupe them out of a fortune. This misunderstanding is further complicated with the arrival of the Lambs' daughter and the Bushleys' tearaway son, who have been involved in a city street brawl with a policeman -- details of which have been reported in the local paper. A plan is devised to save the family name from scandal with the Lambs' daughter agreeing to an outrageous cover-up story -- unaware that the visitors are, in fact, her parents. Weaving through this developing theme is the cook, who spends most of her time hiding her pet chicken to save it from ending up as the main meal -- as the Bushleys beg, borrow and steal everything in sight to impress the Lambs. As the plot thickens so does the chaos.