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Guests at Glentaggart

By Fred J. Forbes & Donald M. Paton


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The setting is the lounge of a Highland hotel. Two of the guests are suspected of being counterfeiters, using the secluded glen as their headquarters. In turn we are introduced to an elderly moth-hunting professor, an Edinburgh doctor, and his better-half, a lady teacher with pronounced opinions, an invalid old lady and her charming nurse-companion, a debonair detective from Scotland yard, his friend a lady journalist, and a mysterious runaway couple, stranded at the hotel, owing to their car breaking down. There are several excellent comedy parts, in the vernacular. These include a hotel " boots'', a Highland poacher, an amorous young gamekeeper and his sweetheart, to say nothing of " mine hostess'', the proprietrix of the hotel. The dialogue is witty and the plot exceedingly interesting, the ultimate unmasking of the crooks providing a thrilling climax.