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Green Grow the Rashes

By Joe Corrie


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Jean, the daughter of John Burnside, and Willie the son of Peter Dunsire, neighbouring farmers, are about to be married. But the Dunsires want it to be a County Hotel affair, while John just says that if the wedding doesn't take place in his ain house it won't take place at all. Things reach a crisis. Mrs. Burnside has her own way of trying to bring the couple together again, while John has his scheme. But on the morning when they are all getting ready to go to Kilcummer Fair, Mrs. Dunsire reminds John of his handsome youth. John's imagination gets the better of him and he takes Mrs. Dunsire in his arms and kisses her. This " disgraceful conduct'' is seen by the others through the window and, threatened with " public exposure'', John capitulates to the relief of all.