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Final Proof

By Angus Macvicar


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In the Editor's room of a small town newspaper office the telephone rings. It brings to Alex Drummond the offer of the Editorship of a big national newspaper. If he accepts he will have prosperity, position and fame. If he refuses he will never be financially secure, never well known but probably very happy and contented. His decision has to be given within half-an-hour, and during that half-hour the characters in the play besiege his office, from Rab the printer irritably demanding a final proof of the Gazette to Jessie the inquisitive char lingering over her work to find out what's going on. His children come, too, local residents needing help and advice, others wanting payments of accounts. All the parts in this refreshingly different play provide excellent opportunities for character acting. Runner-up of the Anstruther- Gray Cup at the S.W.R.I. Festival.