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Filabeg International

By Millie Gray


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Three multipurpose Ground Control staff, Shonnie, Kirstie and Mairi, struggle against the elements and each other's personalities and problems to provide "Airport Control Services'' to the "Twin Engined Otter'' aeroplane that lands daily on the beach of their remote Hebridean Island of "Filabeg''. The jobs of the three are further complicated by the disappearance of the island's unorthodox priest and his gambling protege, Mairi's brother Hector. Added to this is a bumbling Glasgow detective, who takes it upon himself to investigate the disappearances and comes to the conclusion that Father Charlie and Hector have been abducted and slaughtered by the Mafia whose drug running cover they blew. Proof of all this, he says, is borne out by the Chapel House being left in a state of chaos and the finding of two dead fish wrapped up in a newspaper in the kitchen. Whilst all this is going on, the three have to cater for the needs of the departing problematic passengers - a woman trying to catch her Toronto connection in Glasgow that is due to take off as the "Otter'' arrives, an old man with a medical problem that he doesn't want anyone to know about, and finally a woman, Kate Effie, who has discovered what is meant by the earth moving since her mother-in-law moved to Glasgow, and is now on her way to tell her she is no longer welcome on Filabeg. Only problem here is that the house Kate Effie is telling her to stay out of belongs to her. In the end, all is beautifully resolved when the Twin Engined Otter does eventually take off and news comes through that Father Charlie and Hector have been"captured'' by a "Sun'' newspaper reporter. Naturally they break under interrogation, and jubilantly confess that they were the ones who wrecked the Chapel House when they found out they had won the Lottery Jackpot.