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False Alibi

By Charles Thornton


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Two ship's firemen, Danny and Reg, have entered their cabin aboard the s.s. Florentus, moored in dock, after coshing a garage hand and grabbing two Bank night-safe wallets. They now begin to plan their alibi but find it a difficult task. One of their shipmates, however, who has returned from a visit to the greyhound stadium, unwittingly hands them their alibi. Danny notes the time of the buses to and from the Dock gates to the Stadium, the times of the races run, the name of the winning dog on which their shipmate won fifteen pounds. All this free, "stone-wall'' information, is perfectly synchronised to satisfy both men that they will get away with their crime. The following morning, two detectives on a routine enquiry at the docks, cross-question Danny and Reg. Their "stone-wall'' alibi dramatically collapses by their having failed to take into consideration other salient points, including the tidal range of the dock, which came to light during their cross-examination.