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Faint Sound of a Bell

By Patricia Wood


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Mr. Pottaleigh, a Scotsman who owns a stone cottage in a remote corner of the South West of England has been away for three years, deer stalking in Wester Ross. During that time his housekeeper has never received a penny from him for the upkeep of the house and has been forced to let it to various authors wanting a quiet place in which to work. This does not please the three ghosts who are obliged to come out and haunt the place each time a bell rings. They decide to get rid of the authors and the housekeeper and have the house to themselves. To this end they dress up as conventional ghosts in white sheets, and by moaning and rattling chains have almost succeeded in frightening the present author out of her wits, when Mr. Pottaleigh arrives back from Scotland together with a large clock which chimes the quarter and strikes the hour. Confusion reigns, and Mr. Pottaleigh is left in the house with three ghosts who are forced to come out and haunt each time the clock chimes.