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Coronets and Cows

By Agnes Adam


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Andrew Gordon, a farmer, is a strong-willed man whose whole interest in life is pedigree cattle. His wife and daughter bitterly resent this and the last straw is reached when he buys a pedigree bull and starts to build a new byre on the site he had long ago promised to reserve for a new dwelling house. He is gored to death by the bull and his wife and daughter find themselves with more money than they had ever imagined. Marion now has one great desire - to get away from the farm and all connected with it. She decides to set off with her mother on a long trip - London, Paris and Vienna. They meet and become friendly with an impoverished Duke, his wife and son and daughter - also a delightful young waiter. Marion, who had wished ardently never to see or hear of a cow again, finds herself forced to discuss cows with the Duke whose chief income comes from farming. His son, Lord Charles, can only speak on one subject - food - on which he is an expert. His sister, Lady Susan, takes herself very seriously and is a member of the S.T. Club (Searchers for Truth). Marion and her mother do everything in great style till they realise suddenly that their money is almost at an end and they return to the farm, which, in their absence, has been greatly improved. With the return of Marion's old sweetheart, all ends happily. A delightful comedy with plenty of humour.