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Castles in the Air

By Agnes Adam


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Sarah and Mary, two middle-aged spinsters, keep a drapery shop in a small country town. They are keenly interested in the life of the community and of course receive all the news and gossip from their customers.

For twelve years they have been saving up and dreaming of a holiday in Switzerland and now their dream is about to be realised. A niece has come to look after the shop in their absence and all arrangements are made. Events crowd in rapidly - events very interesting to the two sisters - a christening ?a show of wedding presents - a marriage - a carnival - a church sale of work - and finally, the start of a drama club in the Women's Guild. Such attractions prove too much for the sisters and they finally abandon the dream Switzerland for the reality of home attractions and a fortnight at Dunoon.

Good acting parts for eight women and plenty of laughs.