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Calamity Jeannie

By Nancy Mcpherson


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Set in the Wild West, " Calamity Jeannie'' is an action-packed panto with colourful characters and a strong story-line. Jeannie (the dame) and her father are terrorised by Stud Poker, the evil card-sharp who runs Stodge City with the " help'' of two incompetent outlaws, Tex Fritter and the Disco Kid. In an attempt to resolve the situation, Luke Good, the principal boy, sets off to find gold and a cure for the mad sheriff of Stodge City, Wild Bill Hiccup. His search takes him into Indian country, and after some strange adventures in the Whatacheek Indian Village, he returns to Stodge City for a " High Noon''-type climax, when justice triumphs at last. All the usual ingredients are included -- audience participation, slapstick, magic and plenty of humour. Set requirements are simple and doubling up of parts is possible for small companies.