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Bo-Peep of the Isles

By George S. Ferrier


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Murdo is a crofter with a firm belief that words were given to us to conceal our thoughts. Philip Renshaw ("from the Ministry') visits Fuarfluich, officially to investigate an anonymous letter concerning Murdo's alleged misdeeds, but also for more romantic reasons. Murdo has no difficulty in discovering who wrote the anonymous letter (Maggie Arm - he jilted her 25 years ago) and in discrediting her testimony. The Post-master's sheep plays an important part, off-stage, in restoring confusion but Murdo is at last persuaded by his wife, Morag, to tell the truth. The scene is laid in the Western Isles of Scotland. Local colour and accent should present little difficulty - it is better under-done than over-done. The characters are very human and each plays an important part in the action.