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Aunt Janet

By Agnes Adam


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This tells the story of a cantankerous old Aunt who is a regular " cuckoo in the nest'' in the Barbour family. She rules the whole household with a rod of iron, in spite of various attempts at rebellion by the family. Then, to their great delight, she decides to visit another relative in South Africa. Complications arise when a cablegram purports to repair her demise and her desire to be buried in her native village. The Barbours enter wholeheartedly and with enjoyment, into preparations for receiving the " body'' and for its burial. The denouement in the final scene is Aunt Janet's return " from the dead'', with a husband-to-be ready to re-impose herself on the family. The characters and dialogue are essentially Scottish, and with an abundance of native humour, the play is a hilarious comedy from start to finish.