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Between Two Thieves

By Agnes Adam


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This title is now Out of Print.


Anne, an old woman in her eighties, has been removed from her own little home to a hospital for old people. She is a very religious old woman, used to reading her Bible and saying her prayers every day and now she is very unhappy at the lack of privacy. In the bed on her right is Lizzie, a vagrant who has been injured in a drunken brawl. In the bed on her left is Susan, ninety-four years of age. It is Christmas eve and a visitor has brought Anne a packet of sweets and a pretty bed-jacket. .. . After visiting time, Anne falls asleep. Susan gets up and puts on the new bedjacket. She is vastly pleased with it and announces that it is hers. At the same time, Lizzie seizes her opportunity to steal Anne's sweets. Anne wakes up and sees the evil face of Lizzie bending over her and Susan with her new bedjacket. With shock, she falls back dead - between two thieves. This is a very touching play of real life with touches of humour throughout. There is scope for good acting and characterisation.